Saturday, March 29, 2008

The BEST Tacos

So this one comes straight from my mom. Never have I been of fan of premade taco shells that you buy at the store. They are hard, they break in half as soon as you touch them! No thank you! Tacos were a family favorite in my home growing up, and it was all because of the shell! My mom always bought fresh corn tortillas and fried them herself. It makes the taco so much better!

Brown the meat and add whatever you like to it. This time all I added to it was seasoning salt and kidney beans. (the beans were a request from my son.) Fix all the toppings you like. Now for the shells. I use canola oil, but I think my mom uses Crisco. Heat the oil on medium high heat. Add the corn tortilla, and let it fry for a couple of seconds open (like in the picture below).

Then carefully fold it over (with tongs!) :0 Let it cook on one side and then flip it over to cook the other side. The longer you leave it cooking on one side, the harder the shell will get. I like my taco shells softer than harder, so I only cook it about 30 seconds to 1 minute on each side.

(Sheesh, next time I'll have to clean my stove before taking pictures!!)

Line a baking sheet with paper towels and place taco shells on it when done. The extra grease will soak into the paper towels. These are the best tacos! Thanks mom for showing me the secret!!


Janeen said...

I had not even noticed this link before!!! You are now my hero!!! PLEASE keep the recipes coming and I am SO excited to have pre-tested kid friendly new dinners to try! I promise to send you some of our favorites. Thanks for posting - you are an awesome blogger with the pictures and everything!!! You are my hero!!!

Ron Gifford said...

Ok, it's the 18th of April, no new postings since the 29th of March, what am I supposed to do for dinner? Love the receipes but the pictures are absolutely great as well. Keep on posting!!